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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Moro struggles: Post-colonial government

When independence was finally given to the Philippines, Luzon and Visayas celebrated the birth of a new nation, the Bangsamoro considered this as the death of their freedom. The succeeding presidents of the Republic continued the task of nation building that integrated non-Christians in the Filipino culture. They continued using the scholarship program, Torrens system, co-opted traditional leaders and brought in more settlers. The settlers wanted to have political power. They organized and armed a Christian extremist group, the Ilaga, to protect their power and land. On the other hand, they organized their own force to resist he Ilaga trough the Mindanao Independence Movement (MIM). Civil war broke out soon. Moro people and Christian settlers were fighting with each other. When the MIM was neutralized, there were no signs that the problems would go away. It became worst when series of massacres against Moro people happened in the 70’s which will be part of the declaration of Martial Law.