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Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Maranao

The Maranao, like the Maguindanao, shares a not-so-distant history. The Maranao is closely interrelated with the Iranun and the Maguindanao in terms of tongue or dialect. The strict resemblance of the Maguindanao, Maranao, and Iranun tongues has eventually led to the creation of an isolated category of native dialects. Like the Maguindanao and the Iranun, the Maranao is part of the Danao tongue category.

Maranao translates as “people of the lake”. They now reside in the banks of Lake Lanao. Like the most of the Bangsamoro tribes, the Maranao has retained its native land from where their first sultanate has resided.

The Maranao culture focuses mainly on the values of human life and life itself. Traditions such as matrimony and baptism have been well preserved and valued today as they would do centuries back. Such traditions, however, are strictly going into danger of being replaced by modernization and practices.


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hi...can you help me...can you tell me more about maranao brasswares....plssss...

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